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Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Yıl 2004 , Cilt 5 , Sayı 4

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Attitudes of students towards internet

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Eastern Mediterranean University-NCTR1
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Technology is great key that social, cultural, political values have been changed. By the improvements at technology, internet becomes a quide to analyse these changes and inform people about changes. By requiring the changes, adaptation for these are needed factor to survive with the effect of globalization and competition. Reaching resources in a fast way and gathering them under the different points of views with the perspectives of equality and alternatives. Although Internet has advantages, it has shortcoming by creating alinieation, addiction and deviance issues and communities. On the other hand, it effects the education cycle of students by providing alternatives learning styles and learning in a creative way issues as an advantages of internet. Gaining advantage is great options for everyone, internet is an aspect of changing life in order to be further step in life. Technological developments open wide range alternative choices to gain benefit for people’s life (Forcier, 1996).

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