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The International Journal of eBusiness and eGovernment Studies

Yıl 2010 , Cilt 2 , Sayı 2

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E-government implementation in albania, as a tool to increase citizens’ participation and benefit

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Faculty of Economics University “Aleksander Xhuvani”1
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Database processing in Albania and public use of information is at an early stage of development and is still considered as future potential expectation for a better governance. The implementation of e-government in terms of exchanging information among public servants, citizens, social and economic agents; Governance transparency in relation with the citizens and media; Decentralization and strengthening of the local autonomy; as well as participation of the citizens in local governance, today is a challenge to afford. Political programs of governments have not considered a priority the information management systems in Albania, especially in Public Administration, yet. Having secondary considerations, the information systems in local and central level are still not integrated and incomplete. This study examines issues caused by the missing of technology as a tool for a better governance and looks at some ways to turn into efficiency the information systems in Albania Along with the introduction of information technology and networking, a great need for training is identified in order for technology use to become a tool of improving governance and increase citizens' participation in the decision - making process. Interesting implications are explored for policy makers and public authorities in order to maximize the public benefits from a good implementation of e-government in Albania.

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