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Online Journal of Art and Design

Yıl 2013 , Cilt 1 , Sayı 1

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Color, algorithms and expressions

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Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Visual and Performing Arts, Purdue University 1
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Computational color methods are changing the way artists and designers work and interact with color. My main focus as a new media artist and scholar has been to explore aspects of creating expressions based on digital color processes, whether by manipulation of RGB (red-green-blue) values, projection, or the use of computer vision to generate visual patterns. In order to better understand the visual structure of the RGB system, I have also devised taxonomy and methods of mapping RGB color relationships, which I use to create both printed (in which colors are adapted into CMYK) and digital artworks. In this presentation I discuss theoretical, technical and symbolic aspects of my work and collaborations.

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