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Mevlana International Journal of Education

Yıl 2013 , Cilt 3 , Sayı 2

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Learning outcomes as understood by ‘publishing research’ facilitators at a south africa n university

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Mevlana International Journal of Educatio1
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This article draws on a case study of six facilitators who were teaching Publishing Research in 2011 at one of the universities in South Africa. Publishing Research was offered by two campuses of this institution. This article gives these facilitators a vo ice and also identifies and defines the intended, implemented and attained learning outcomes for the module. The six facilitators claimed to be using the same learning outcomes in helping students to achieve the aims in the module but the results of the mo dule tell different stories about the facilitators’ awareness and achievement of the learning outcomes. Data collection occurred through document analysis and semi - structured interviews. A priori analysis theory ( Samuel, 2009) was used as a framework for t he study and this produced three themes, while this article itself is framed by Bloom’s Taxonomies of learning. This article prioritises the alignment of the intended, implemented and attained learning outcomes; as well as the use of the three domains of Bloom’s Taxonomies (cognitive, skills and value / attitude) in formulating learning outcomes of the module in order to contribute positively towards the well - being of the module.

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