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Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Yıl 2013 , Cilt 16 , Sayı 1

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Election system of bosnia and herzegovina: catalyst of unsuccesful democratization

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University of Sarajevo1
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Bosnia and Herzegovina has faced serious democratic obstacles in the post-war period due to huge shortcomings in its Election Law, among other things. That is, implementation of human rights, and in this way right to vote, is obtruded by current Constitution and Election Law of BiH as it provides serious basis for discrimination. In fact, present election system in the country is not completely grounded in general, equal and secret right to vote and direct election for all citizens of BiH who have a voting right. Still, election system has to contain basic principles of democratic election law: principle of generality, principle of equality, principle of direct, secret and free right to vote. These principles represent unavoidable standards of contemporary representative democracy, that is, democratic elections. That's why election system in BiH has to launch democratic principles prescribed by the Constitution and international standards on human rights, in order to be legitimate. Due to this reason conceptual changes in Election Law are not so easy move because they encroach into the essence of the B&H Constitution. However, election re-engineering, changes or reforms in election system of some country, are understood as a normal, even welcomed step if they will contribute to democratic optimization in the country. Bosnia can not make progress in democratic process if it does not make necessary changes in its election system.

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