Ca'fer Es-Sâdık'ın Rafızilerle Tartıştığını Anlatan Bir Risale: Hâzihi Munazâra Ca'fer b. Muhammed Es-Sâdık Maa'r-Râfizî

Öz In this article, the debate of Ja’far al-Sâdıq with a Rafıda has been dealt with. Ja’far al-Sâdıq, the  6th Shi’ite Imamiyyah seems as an important figure in the early years of the second century when Abbasid received the dynasty from the Umayya. Early Imâmî heresiographers maintain that the name Rafida was first applied to the adherents of Ja’far al-Sâdıq by al-Mughîra b. Sa’îd, immediately after they had dissociated themselves from him. According to another report, the term Râfıda took place in the abortive uprising of Zayd b. ‘Ali against the Umayyads. According to this report, some Kûfans who had initially joined Zayd’s camp made their continued support conditional on his rejection (rafd) of Abû Bakr and ‘Umar. When Zayd refused to accede to their demands they deserted him (rafadûhu), thus bringing about his defeat. Hezihi Munâzâra Ca’fer b. Muhammed es-Sâdık(r.a) Maa’r-Râfizî, namely work which relating to Ja’far al-Sadıq was analyzed to be basis text. This Pamphlet which has been numarated 2763/11 (152a-157a v.) is in the Suleymaniye Shehid Ali Pasha.