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Journal Of Global Strategic Management

Yıl 2009 , Cilt 3 , Sayı 2

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Organizational ambidexterity: an empirical examination of organizational factors as antecedents of organizational ambidexterity

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Nevsehir University1, Erciyes University2
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Ambidexterity broadly refers to an organization’s ability to pursue two disparate things at the same time. Ambidextrous firms are capable of exploiting existing competencies as well as exploring new opportunities with equal dexterity. Capacity to pursue both exploitative and exploratory orientation depends on combinations of contradictory organizational characteristics such as decentralization, formalization, and connectedness. This study aims to explain organizational ambidexterity and organizational factors that are antecedents of ambidexterity in a theoretical way and to examine the impacts of these factors on organizational ambidexterity empirically. Data was obtained from private corporations operating in Kayseri (Turkey). Regression analysis was used to examine the relationship between organizational ambidexterity and contradictory organizational characteristics, and to test the research hypothesis. The results of regression analysis provide support for hypothesis.

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