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Journal of Environmental Research And Development

Yıl 2014 , Cilt 8 , Sayı 3

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Performance evaluation of polymer modified bitumen in flexible pavement

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K.B.P. College of Engineering and Polytechnic1
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The growth in various types of industries together with population growth has resulted in enormous increase in production of various types of waste materials world over creating a problem of its disposal in eco-friendly way. To deal with the problem, study on use of plastic waste as partial replacement to bitumen in flexible pavement is considered in the present work. The work consists of an experimental approach towards waste management and finding alternative to conventional materials in flexible pavements. To simulate with the field conditions Marshall stability method is considered to carryout experimental work. The objective of work is to investigate the effect of plastic waste in flexible pavement and to suggest the optimum percentage of bitumen that can be replaced by plastic waste for the improvement of roads. Number of laboratory tests has been carried out by replacing bitumen by plastic waste. The results obtained in laboratory investigation indicate major gain in strength with substantial saving in cost.

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