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Yıl 2013 , Cilt 5 , Sayı 1

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Secondary school administrators' approaches to innovation management and encountered problems

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Elazig Fırat University1
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There is need for continuous improvement of organizations in order to maintain the existence without taking into consideration the size or sector. The non-profit educational organizations are obliged to make innovations in the education system constantly changing and evolving. The purpose of this study was to examine the secondary school administrators’ attitudes towards the management of innovation and to attract interest in the problems faced during innovation process. This investigation is a descriptive study that scanning model is used. It has been applied to the opinion of 125 administrators who served in 43 secondary school in Elazig city center. The scale used for purpose to collect data consists of two parts in case of qualitative and quantitative section. The percent, frequency, arithmetic mean, independent samples t-test, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and LSD test in the analysis of quantitative data and the content analysis in the analysis of quantitative data have been used.

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