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The International Journal of Research in Teacher Education (IJRTE)

Yıl 2013 , Cilt 4 , Sayı 1

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A new model in english language classroom: howard’s multiple intelligences theory

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University of Mediterranean Karpasia1
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Multiple Intelligences Theory (MIT) has significant implications for educational performance, because it changes our perception of intelligence and academic achievement in the learning world. Traditionally learners are taught as if they are all the same without any regard to their unique learning needs or differing learning profiles. While Gardner’s theory lit a candle for a new conceptualization about intelligence and academic abilities, it is far from achieving a widespread popularity in the traditional language classroom. More scholarly explorations are necessary to introduce its promises and potential in the English language teaching world. An example is shared from the School of Foreign Languages at the University of Mediterranean Karpasia. An experimental MIT approach is utilized in an elementary language class in the School of Foreign Languages. This paper integrated three steps in its research. First, key literature review on MIT is introduced highlighting Howard Gardner as the founder of MIT. Then, results of content analysis for two random units from the course book are shared to get a general idea about MIT practice in an elementary language class. Lastly, an innovative teaching praxis tried in an elementary language class. This innovative MIT approach is discussed to determine the future research areas to explore and further investigate the phenomenon which will inform language teaching practices. 

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