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International Electronic Journal of Environmental Education

Yıl 2012 , Cilt 2 , Sayı 2

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Awareness, openness and eco-friendly (aoe) model teaches pre-service teachers on how to be eco-friendly

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Assam University1
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This paper studied the empirical pattern to observe the overall attitude of pre service teachers' of different training colleges towards environmental education and practice. Environmental education is a continuous lifelong process, starts at the preschool level and continues up to adulthood via all levels of education. In this context, to know the impact of environmental education on existing pre-service teachers, the researcher has been undertaken three pre-service teacher training institutes of India for experiment, observation and generalization of conclusion. The subjects (n=100) were voluntarily participated for AOE model instruction from three teacher training colleges. After that the participants were responded Eco-friendly thought and Practice Scale (Jena, 2011), which was a two point (yes/no) scale. This scale has four areas; these were Awareness (A), Openness (O), Eco-friendly practices (Ef) Environmental practices (Ep). The main finding showed, AOE model was effective for pre-service teachers, and it enhanced awareness to think for the environment. The participants' shared openly their idea, and information, for the implementation of environmental education. The study concluded that AOE model has significant effect directly and indirectly on pre-service teachers' various eco-friendly practices and healthy living habits.

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