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Yıl 2009 , Cilt 10 , Sayı 1

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Teaching english in early childhood

Yazar kurumları :
Çukurova University Faculty of Education1, TOKİ Preschool-Niğde2
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Teaching English to young children at preschool, which is the first grade of the systematic education, is quite important in terms of developing some positive attitudes toward English. It is intended in this study to investigate the attitudes and interests of young children for English lessons. For this purpose, first they were observed using an observation form. Study was conducted at a nursery school in Bor, which serves thirty five children, thirteen of whom aged 4, eleven aged 5, and eleven aged 6. The study was restricted to choosing an English object related to the subjects and measuring their ability to say the English meaning of given objects. Considering that all the children had not known any English, a test wasn't carried out beforehand. After the education, the data was analyzed using frequency distribution and percentage values. Consequently, based on evaluation of every child in an appropriate environment, following statistics results were obtained: 1. Saying: 66.6% for the age of 4, 86.1% for the age of 5, 78.72% for the age of 6, 2. Choosing: 74.1% for the age of 4, 93.5% for the age of 5, 84.4% for the age of 6.

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