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Yıl 2012 , Cilt , Sayı 4

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Poverty analysis in turkey and log-lineer analysis application

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Poverty is an important problem with which many societies live. Sophisticated problems are seen because of poverty that society and individuals face. Poverty reduces level of social welfare, and disorganize relations between individuals and even bilateral relation balances. Among the most important problems caused by poverty, there are health and employment. Relations in the country and between socieites are damaged because of low level of income per capita and not maintaining minimum life standards. Maintaining social welfare and standard life quality can be only attained when level of income is above averabe life quality standard. In studies carried out by World Bank, the concept of poverty was designed with individual income level.In this study, the concept of poverty is discussed and a literature study has been carried out, and the dimensions of poverty have been analyzed by using Household budget Interwiev Survey of TurkStat and in parallel with data between the years of 2005 and 2009, by dealing different criteria and by using "Log_Lineer" analysis method. According to the obtained result, the poverty rate of married couples have been found higher. Due to the fact that male dominance is experienced within work life, it has been concluded that the employment rate of woman employee has decreased and women experience more poverty than men. It has been also concluded that individuals not having a social security experience and will experience more poverty than the ones with a social security and retirement opportunities.

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