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Yıl 2012 , Cilt , Sayı 4

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A model proposal on the importance of collaboration between university and industry for r&d and innovation

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At the top of the list of elements determining the power of competition of countries is the fact that commercial companies operating in a country should financially and structurally have a healthy structure. Companies from one hand need to impose high importance on knowledge in production of either services or products and marketing the same and also have a competency to use correct information from the other hand in correct areas so that they may have a high power of competition. It is easily concluded when government-funded incentives are classified that the incentives producing the maximum benefit to the country economy in the medium and long terms are those allowed for technology R&D and innovation. Rapidly exploiting any information generated as a result of technology R&D and/or innovation activities without spending time is another fact that has great importance. This is because there is a severe competition in all over the world in terms of accessing information and commercializing the same. Any information obtained should in the shortest time possible be commercialized. The information generated as a result of scientific activities in universities and presented to related industries in order to achieve production of products with high added values is one of the remarkable means for countries to climb higher ranks in the list of development. The key concept for companies to have an admirable place in the international competition is innovation. Companies need to compete with both domestic and foreign competitors as a result of especially abandonment of customs barriers, expansion in the free trade and improvement of logistics facilities. Production of diversified products today replaces manufacturing of standard ones. The intensive competition in the industries of standard products minimizes profit margins to create an unsustainable structure in the long term. In this respect, cost-based competition strategies are replaced by design and innovation-based diversification strategies. Supporting the establishment and R&D expenses of such businesses is especially important. Supporting such businesses will result in gaining new technology and innovation-based companies, which will give ground to production of products with high added values. This paper is to propose a model of fostering collaboration between universities and the industry based on previous papers discussing what sort of collaboration universities are to foster with the businesses and how they are to offer technological support to them in terms of R&D and innovation.

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