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Kuang-tai LİU,Pin-chang CHEN,Chiu-chi WEİ
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Öz Purpose- This study intends to investigate the factors that affect the enrollment in Taiwan's colleges and universities. The subjects were selected by random sampling methods from senior high school graduates who were about to enter colleges.Methodology- By implementing the Alyuda NeuroIntelligence software, this study applied neural network simulation and prediction analysis on the data of 100 questionnaires.Findings- The results showed that the influencing factors of school enrollment and their degree of relevance and importance are: (1) curriculum, (2) chance of oversea study, (3) faculty, (4) scholarship, (5) tuition, (6) location, (7) internship, (8) career, (9) campus and (10) reputation.Conclusion- It is hoped that the research results discovered in this study can help relevant schools to understand students' total evaluation of schools and willingness to study, and serve as an important reference for schools to strengthen enrollment strategy and improve the quality of school operation in the future.

Anahtar Kelimeler

University enrollment, influencing factors, artificial intelligence, neural network, forecast
Bengio, Y. (2009). Learning deep architectures for AI. Foundations and trends in Machine Learning, 2(1), 1-127.
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