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Yıl 2009 , Cilt 9 , Sayı 3

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Mıcrolevel study for the assessment of the economıc impact of resıstance to dısınfectants used in the hospıtal envıronment and evaluatıon of new alternatıves

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University of Bucharest1
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The emergence of the antibiotic resistance and multi-resistance to antibiotics drives the acute necessity for the developing of new anti-infective strategies and the permanent changes of the disinfectants used in the hospital environment. The purpose of this study was to investigate by adapted disk diffusion techniques the antimicrobial potential of six (6) newly synthesized chemical compounds (derivatives from phenantroline and cooper complexe combinations with dimethylguanidine), 5 usual disinfectants (Oxigenon, Combi instruments, Virkon, Biguacid, Big spray) and 13 newly synthesized chemical compounds with potential disinfectant activity against 100 enterobacterial strains isolated from different surfaces in the hospital environment grown in planktonic and adherent form, in order to select the most appropriate alternative based on a good cost-effectiveness ratio.

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