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Yıl 2009 , Cilt 9 , Sayı 2

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Effects of leadership roles on team effectiveness*

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Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi1
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In this study we aim to explain the patterns of leadership roles for team effectiveness in non profit organizations compared to economic organizations. For this purpose, we studied three successful organization types, i.e the amateur sports clubs (football, basketball), theater companies and, regional folk groups. Our basic hypothesis is that the relationship between the type of organization (specially teams) and the role of leadership is not random. Therefore, we believe that an empirical approach is necessary to test the assumptions about leadership and team effectiveness. Also these empirical results are supposed to lead to professional managers in economic organizations. First, we constructed thirteen key dimension variables for leadership behavior as follows: coaching, effective communication, encouraging teamwork, establishing high standards and getting results, effective delegation, rewarding performance, developing and releasing employees, building consensus, supporting reasonable risk- taking, forecast thinking, improving the organization, managing diversity, and overall effectiveness . Second, we defined team standards and effectiveness in twenty items. And finally, we tried to emphasize factors affecting leadership roles and team effectiveness. In this study, Natemeyer and Babko (1992) Management Practices Survey data are used. Data reliability are tested before the analysis and results are discussed at the end of the study.

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