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Yıl 2010 , Cilt 10 , Sayı 3

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A study on the acceptance of information technologies from the perspectives of the academicians in turkey

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Akdeniz University1, Istanbul University2
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Educational institutions have been increasingly started to use information technologies (ITs) for improving the service quality and achieving the effective organizational outputs in a competitive global environment. An individual‟s intention to use ITs is a crucial factor in determining the success or failure of an information technology (IT) system implementation. This study attempts to investigate the factors affecting the intention to use ITs from the academicians‟ perspectives in Turkey. This research extends the technology acceptance model (TAM) framework with subjective norm (SN) and facilitating conditions (FC) acting as external variables. The model has been tested using web-based data collected from 510 academicians. The findings demonstrate that this extended TAM can explain 80% of the variance of intention to use ITs. And also, SN and FC are potential variables that may be used to extend the TAM for the research on the academicians‟ intention to use towards ITs. This study reveals that educational managers can use this research model as a helpful tool in better understanding stakeholders‟ behaviors related to the technology acceptance, and also in the process of IT investment, implementation and renovation.

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