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Yıl 2009 , Cilt 9 , Sayı 2

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A comparative study for employee job satısfactıon in aydin municipality and nazilli municipality

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Adnan Menderes Üniversitesi1
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This study was composed of a conceptual analysis of job satisfaction and an empirical research for the relationships between job satisfaction and a set of variables; pay, promotion, positive affectivity/encouragement, job involvement, potential of rest-day/off-day, relations with co-workers, health facilities, relations with supervisor, training and education facilities, autonomy, physical facilities, reconciliation role of supervisor, procedural justice, tangible aids, office tools, level of role clearness, participation in decisions, management style of supervisor. The results, based on a sample of 220 employees from Aydın Municipality and Nazilli Municipality, indicated that 59% of the variance in job satisfaction was explained by the variables included in the regression test. The variable of management/democratic style of supervisor had the greatest effect on job satisfaction, followed by the variables of “level of role clearness”, “health facilities”, “autonomy”, “participation in decision”, “job involvement”, and “training and educational facilities”. The study found that satisfaction level for “tangible aids” and “potential of rest-day” was significantly higher for employees working in Aydın Municipality than those working in Nazilli Municipality. But, satisfaction level for “health facilities”, “physical facilities” and “relations with supervisor” was significantly higher for employees working in Nazilli Municipality than those working in Aydın Municipality. So, it is suggested that managers should apply additional/further researches in their organizations to investigate the underpinning variables of job satisfaction and commitment of employees.

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