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Yıl 2011 , Cilt 2 , Sayı 40

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Comparison of turkey and eu regarding ict aspects for pupils

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Mustafa Kemal University Faculty of Education Department of Computer Education & Instructional Technology1, Middle East Technical University Faculty of Education Department of Computer Education & Instructional Technol
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This study had two main purposes. First was to investigate the similarities and differences in perceived ICT aspects of 15 year-old students participated in the Programme for International Student Assessment-2003 study across EU member group, new EU member group and Turkey (country groups). Second was to examine the perceptual evaluations of policy makers on these similarities and differences in ICT aspects. Responses of 56,610 students from EU member group, 24,834 students from new EU member group and 3,231 students from Turkey were analyzed. One-way MANCOVA –controlling students' economic, social and cultural status (ESCS) and attitudes toward computers– and one-way ANCOVA –controlling students' ESCS– analyses were conducted to understand whether perceived ICT aspects differ across country groups. Statistical analyses yielded significant results. Results indicate that Turkish students have lower self-confidence in using computer and Internet and they use Internet less frequently than students in EU. Contrary to this, Turkish students have relatively more positive attitudes toward computers and they use program/software more frequently than do students in EU although these results are not practically significant. Participants of this study frequently related these results to cultural characteristics, ICT school curriculum, low access rate to computers and Internet, and low ESCS of students.

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