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Yıl 2007 , Cilt , Sayı 13

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Yoksulluk şiddet döngüsünün sosyal politika açısından analizi

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As a socio-economic problem, poverty has been on the agenda of political economy throughout the world history. During recent years, its scope and comprehension have become immense with the political and societal transformations sweeping all around the world, thereby coming to the fore for the vast majority of the countries. The political economy of today’s world dominated by the liberal capitalism poses significant societal challanges such as the destruction of the environment, wars and violence. Violence, asserting itself in various forms such as oppression, suicide and murder, is one of the most formidable problems of our age. Nowadays, the capacity and volume of the voilence are beyond comparision with the previous decades. In other words, the violence is tremendeously on the rise all around the world. On the other hand, there is a cause-result relationship between the poverty and violence. As a conclusion, the policies to bring down the power will also reduce the violence in a direct way, and vice versa. So, every policy and applications that are applying for decrease will also care for the purpose of the cancelling poverty and violence vicious circle. For cancel this vicious circle, the programs and strategies that struggle with poverty and the social policy applications that protect and develop the main human rights should be putting forward and it should be attempt a struggle that is about violence.

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