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Çalışma ve Toplum

Yıl 2007 , Cilt , Sayı 15

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Sosyal politikanın anlamı ve işlevini tartışmak…

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Due to the profound changes characterising our times, social policy has entered into a process of radical change, in terms of both its meaning as well its practice. Given that social policy is a sequence of policies belonging to the State, and oriented towards the society, it adapts itself inexorably to such changes. On the one hand, multifarious changes are on the agenda, ranging, as they are, from the party in charge of the implementation, to the target and the ends of social policy. On the other hand, from the perspective of the social state and policy, one could speak of both a loss of meaning and function ensuing current impasses and relapses, and the need to pay heed to the rising concerns to conserve its basic goals and function.
Thus, possible paths to change are to be taken into consideration by paying due attention such concerns. This exposition aims at considering this dual state, and bringing up, in this context, some data  —albeit limited— and debates. Its point of origin is some concernsof ours as to the nature of the transformation of the meaning and function of social policy, as well as its future direction.

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