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Efficiency Analysis of Neoliberal Health Policy
Fatoş ÖCAL

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Öz Multinational companies started to have important effects on the global economic system with the globalization process, thus the countries face with various problems in their social security systems. The companies have pursued jobless growth policies because of the principle of cost minimization and searching for the cheap labor force, have caused the decreases in real wages. This process has came with different practices, not only in economics in general, but also in the health sector. Most of the countries have forced in to do some reforms in their social security systems, which have to compatible with the economic logic of neoliberalism. According to Turkey’s social security reform in the year 2003, the system has to provide equal, preventive, curative, and higher quality health services to the people. On the other hand the system, also has to “make easier the daily life of the people”, which is essential. This study aims to analyze the efficiency and also productivity of the practices of the Turkey’s social security system in this point of view.
Anahtar Kelimeler: Social Security Reform, Neoliberal Health Practices, Transformation in Health Industry


Aka A., Kablay S. ve Demir Cem M. (2012), Neoliberal Politikalar ve Sağlık Çalışanları, Ankara: Nobel.
Fatoş ÖCAL