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Core shell column in high-performance liquid chromatography for the determination of polar compounds; troxerutin and carbazochrome
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Öz Background and Aims: The combination of troxerutin and carbazochrome has been found efficacious for non-surgical patients with acute uncomplicated hemorrhoids. Therefore it is essential to develop a simultaneous analysis method of those drug substances. This study explains a simple and selective HPLC method to analyze troxerutin and carbazohrome in tablets. Methods: The analysis was carried out using a core-shell pentafluorophenyl propyl polar column with a mobile phase consisting of (MeOH; % 5 HAc), (99.5:0.5 - V/V) at a flow rate of 0.25 mL/min. UV detection was set to 350 nm. Results: The standard calibration curve was established between 1.00-20.00 μg/mL for troxerutin; 0.05-1.00 μg/mL for carbazochrome. LOD and LOQ were found to be 0.65 μg/mL and 1.00 μg/mL for troxerutin and 0.01 μg/mL and 0.05 μg/mL for carbazochrome, respectively. Conclusion: The proposed method was validated for specificity, linearity, accuracy, precision, LOQ and LOD and then successfully applied for the analysis of these substances in tablets.

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Troxerutin, carbazochrome, high performance liquid chromatography, core-shell column, tablet
• Abdelrahman, M. M., Abdelaleem, E. A., Ali, N. W., & Emam, R. A. (2016). Simultaneous determination of Carbazochrome and Troxerutin in their binary mixture by HPLC and HPTLC-Densitometric methods. Bulletin of Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, 54(1), 67–75.
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