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Work-Family, Family Work Conflict and Turnover Intentions Among the Representatives of Insurance Agencies
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Öz WFC occurs when work pressures interfere with the quality of family life, whereas FWC occurs when family pressures interfere with responsibilities at work. On the other hand, turnover is about voluntary or involuntary act of leaving an organization. The purpose of the study is to examine within 95 representatives of insurance agencies the effects of work-family conflict (WFC) and family-work conflict (FWC) on turnover intentions. The main hypothesis reflects that employees experiencing high levels of WFC and FWC are likely to quit the job. Data were collected using a 18-item questionnaire via e-mail containing a link to the online Internet Survey Instrument to the representatives of insurance agencies. The questionnaire was constructed to assess 3 variables (WFC, FWC and turnover intentions) and demographic characteristics as position, age, gender, total tenure, tenure at current job, marital status, income state of spouse, education level, number and ages of children. Results indicated that especially family work conflict have effect on turnover intentions with the family responsibilities emerging as the stronger predictor of turnover intentions. Our findings suggest that organizations who help their employees, manage the effects of WIF and FIW to reduce the turnover rate in insurance sector. In order to minimize turnover intentions, it is particularly needed to encourage employees by providing managerial and family support.

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Work Family Conflict, Family Work Conflict, Turnover Intentions, Insurance Agencies
 Amah, O. E. (2009), The Direct and Interactive Roles of Work Family Conflict and Work Family Facilitation in Voluntary Turnover, International Journal of Human Sciences, 6, 2, 812-826.
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