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Economic Aspects of Social Rights
İzzettin ÖNDER
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Öz "Social Rights" are among the second generation rights in the general framework of Human Rights. While commodification of labor in the capitalist process has intensified class conflicts, policies have been developed to put barriers in front of commodification of labor over time in order to be able to meet the market needs of the capitalists and to take the lead in socialist movements developing in the world. The Declaration of the European Convention on Human Rights was published in December 1948 in order to protect the system against socialism. This declaration, along with being created as a measure against the absolute enslavement of labor, was unfortunately maintained in the "right of property", the chief responsible of the enslavement of labor. In the "welfare state" model, which was based on Keynes' theory after the World War II, the concept of the limitation of commodification of labor was developed and given some social rights at the expense. In this context, the concept of social rights and the phenomenon are treated as second category rights in the general human rights table as "Social, Economic and Cultural Rights". For this reason, defending the concept of social rights and the concept in the capitalist system means denying the capital's power and engaging in an inconclusive struggle. In the short term, it is absolutely necessary to defend social rights and to create policies in order to expand this field. In the long term, it is necessary to use the field of social rights and to aim at the real and longterm struggle. It is inevitable that the long-term struggle is aimed at the system despite the fact that the short-term struggle is within the system.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Capitalism, Labor, Commodification, Welfare State, Social Rights
Buğra, Ayşe & Çağlar Keyder (2006), Sosyal Politika Yazıları, İletişim, İstanbul.
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