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Ankara Bar Review

Yıl 2011 , Cilt 4 , Sayı 1

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The australian legal system: the legal profession and the judiciary

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American University in Cyprus (GAU)1
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Australia’s Legal System is quite complicated and difficult to explain and the fact that Australia operates a federal system of government does not help matters, but for better explanation and understanding, one has to look to the legal profession and the judiciary that make up Australia’s legal system as a whole hence, the topic of this term paper. Australias legal profession is split into two classes or branches: the Barristers and the Solicitors. The Barristers tend to have a more specialised knowledge of the law while the Solicitors deal more generally with the law. When the legal profession is given a closer look, one would find out that the distinction between the two professions is more in theory than in practice. The Judiciary of Australia is made up of the Judges and the Courts. Both judges and the courts could be classified in form of hierarchy and their duties differ based on the state or territory they are in due to the presence of a Federal System of Government but despite the fact that each state has its own parliament and courts, the federal laws are supreme and the decisions of the highest court, The High Court of Australia, are indisputable. A close study of the legal system of Australia could bring to mind such questions as, what are the distinctions between the two branches of the legal profession? Is the judiciary independent from the other arm of government? and many other questions of this sort. The answering of such questions is the essence of this term paper and all the answers to these questions will be revealed subsequently.

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