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Akademik Bakış - Uluslararası Hakemli Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi

Yıl 2006 , Cilt , Sayı 10

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Ikinci abd operasyonu sonrasi irak’in ekonomik görünümü ve abd’nin irak’a ilişkin ekonomik planlari

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The second Iraqi operation has been the last attempt of the U.S. to reorganize the Middle East region. However, following the second operation, the region itself has faced various serious problems. Currently, most of the strategists argue about the probable poloitical stand of the U.S. after the operation, and the probable outcomes of the mentioned U.S. stand. As known in some circles, not only the political targets but also Iraqi oil reserves and economic growth led by the oil reserves also bear importance for the U.S.’ plans in regard to Iraq. Furthermore, when the ‘oil reserves’ element is removed from U.S.-Iraq correlation, the result makes no sense. Although it is a well known fact that oil has been one of the most important economic driving force behind this very disputable U.S. operation, to explain this operation through a single driving force would not be complete and right. On the current panorama appeared following the U.S. operation in Iraq; it is clearly observed that the goals of the operation do not cover the needs of people. This article mainly concentrates on the most probable economic conditions/features in Iraq after the U.S. operation. The framework of this article is based upon the evaluation of U.S.’ future scenarios on Iraq in terms of economic point of view. For this reason, first of all; the overall economic situation in Iraq, and the present Iraqi economic wealth, except for oil, will be examined. Following this informative determination; probable U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and the probable economic results of the mentioned probable U.S. withdrawal will be explained through seven micro scenarios.

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