Assessment of the Relationship between Skeletal Maturity and the Calcifications Stages of Permanent Canines and Second Premolars

Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the relationship between the calcification stages of permanent maxillary and mandibular canines and second premolars and skeletal maturity in both sexes. Methods: This study included 138 patients (82 females, 56 males) who were treated in the Department of Orthodontics, Altınbaş Uni- versity. The mean age of the patients was 12.31±1.76 years, ranging from 7.8 years to 15.8 years. Dental maturity stages of canines and second premolars were evaluated according to the Demirjian index on digital panoramic radiograph. The skeletal maturation stage was determined using the cervical vertebral maturation (CVM) index. The Pearson correlation analysis was performed to assess the association among CVM stages and calcification stages of canines, second premolars, sex, and chronological ages. Results: A statistically significant correlation was found between CVM and the calcification stages of the canines and second pre- molars (p


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