Incidence of Injuries in Female and Male Volleyball Players 7 Prospective Preliminary Study

Objective: To estimate and compare the overall incidences of volleyball injuries in female and male volleyball players in a season. Material and Methods: 30 players were included from one male and one female volleyball teams of Turkish super league. All recorded injuries during the season were analyzed. A questionnaire about all the players' demographic data was completed. The injuries those occurred during training sessions or matches were recorded by the team physician and physiotherapist during the whole season. The daily injury and illness report form of the International Olympic Committee was used for injury records. Results: 125 injuries were recorded. 80 of these injuries occured in female players, wheras 45 were in male players. Overall injury incidence was 6,1 injuries/1000 hours. The total injury incidence was 4,3 injuries/1000 hours in male players, 7,9 injuries/1000 hours in females. The incidence of slow-onset and acute-onset overuse injuries was 4.2, and the incidence of acute injuries was 1.9. Tendinosis/tendinopathy was the most common with 23 injuries and constituted 18.4% of all volleyball related injuries. The shoulder including clavicle was the most frequently injured area (15.2% of the injuries) Conclusion: Injury prevention programs should address especially the shoulder region and tendon injuries.


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