Epidermoid inclusion cyst after urethroplasty: A rare complication

Epidermoid inclusion cysts (EIC) is a disease caused by the nidation of the epidermal tissues and sebaceous materials into the dermal and subcutaneous layers. This entity is usually observed after trauma and surgical procedures. A 5-year-old boy with a ventral penile mass was admitted to our department. The history of the patient revealed that he was operated at the age of 1 year for hypospadias in a different medical center. The patient’s history also revealed that during the initial operation, a skin graft was used for covering urethroplasty. One year later the operation, a ventral penile mass was observed by his mother during wash. The mass continued to increase in size reaching of 1 cm in diameter. The mass was excised and the histopathological study revealed that the mass was compatible with an EIC. With 2 years of follow up the patient is disease free. EICs after penile surgical interventions may be a factor of anxiety for both the children and their parents. In order to avoid this unwanted complication, implantation of the superficial tissue layers into the deep the dermal and subcutaneous tissues should be avoided.


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