A rare cause of acute scrotum in a newborn: Adrenal hemorrhage

The acute scrotum is usually due to testicular pathology, but, less often, it could be related to abdominal or retroperitoneal conditions, such as adrenal hemorrhage. The adrenal hemorrhage in the newborn is a rare condition with prevalence of 0.2%. We present a case report of an adrenal hemorrhage in a full-term neonate. The conservative management was performed, with periodic clinical and radiological follow-up. There was a favorable outcome with complete resolution of hematoma at 12 weeks. Within this unusual case, the authors want to emphasize the fact that in presence of acute scrotum it is imperative to exclude testicular torsion. The Doppler ultrasonography is a valuable resource but it should be allied with minicious physical examination. The conservative management is recommended in the majority of the cases of adrenal hemorrhage, avoiding unnecessary exploration.


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