The presence of bristlemouth, Gonostoma denudatum (Rafinesque 1810), from the coast of Northern Cyprus (Northeastern Mediterranean)

Gonostoma denudatum belonging to Gonostomatidae family are small fishes living in deep-sea around Atlantic and Mediterranean. They are vital species for plastic accumulation because they can be available in all depths of the water column during the day. In this study, it was aimed to present the recent record of G. denudatum, which captured from North Cyprus in May 2018. The total length of the specimen, which obtained from a depth of between 420 and 640 m, is 12.8 cm. Its photograph was taken and the catalogue number (MEUFC-19-11-108) was given. Morphometric characteristics were measured and calculated. The specimen is stored in the Museum of the Systematic, Faculty of Fisheries, Mersin University.


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