Meydan Okumaları Bakımından Kur'an Mucizesi

Öz God almighty communicates with human being through prophets. It is a common agreement among human beings that prophets should be supported by miracles. Miracles are challenges that human being can not resist and are not able to realize themselves similar events. The Holy Quran is a miracle itself that its challenges have not been met ordinary by now. Classical sources insist consistently on the Quran being extraordinary in its manuscript form. This insisting behavior could be related to the sensitivity about keeping the original text. This work was carried out in order to express the challenges apart from Quran text being miracle. Quran is extraordinary in terms of the concepts brought in it such as understanding of Allah and the hereafter, news and information it brought, moral and belief system it established, personality of the messenger delivering universal message of the Qur?an.

Kaynak Göster

ISNAD Aydın, Hüseyin . "Meydan Okumaları Bakımından Kur'an Mucizesi". KADER Kelam Araştırmaları Dergisi 8 / 1 (Ocak 2010): 45-76 .