Kur'an'da Zaman Kavramı

Öz The concept of time has historically been questioned by two distinct and contradictory humane tendency. To Russell, from the collaboration and contradistinction of these two distinct tendencies emerges metaphysics. So its barely possible to tackle time from one facet. And the Holy Qur?an doesn?t leave this effort of humankind of embracing the cosmos through time?s analysis unattended. By giving ti-me to the very command of man the Holy Qur?an paves the way of solving this metaphysical enigma.

Kaynak Göster

ISNAD Çil, Ayşe . "Kur'an'da Zaman Kavramı". KADER Kelam Araştırmaları Dergisi 9 / 1 (Şubat 2011): 335-364 .