Ebu Hanife'nin Akıl-Vahiy Anlayışı

Öz In this paper first some definitions of aql/reason by Muslim Theologians have been given. Although there is no unified definition of reason, it seems that their departure point for their definition was the Qur?anic verses. So it is more vital do unearth the meaning of reason implied in these verses: In the Holy Qur?an two forms of reason are put forward: distinguishing reason (aql at-tamyîz) and voluntary reason (aql al-irâdî). Why is reason so emphasised in theology? Because it is the ground on which knowledge is based. Hence reason and knowledge is indispensable parts of a unified whole. Here how Abu Hanîfa dealt with this subject matter of theology and laid out in his system is treated of on the one hand, how he set the relationship between reason and revelation on the other.

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ISNAD Altıntaş, Ramazan . "Ebu Hanife'nin Akıl-Vahiy Anlayışı". KADER Kelam Araştırmaları Dergisi 2 / 1 (Ocak 2009): 0-22 .