The(Effect(of(Teamwork(on(Employee(Performance(in(Some(Selected(Private(Banks(in( MogadishuASomalia

Purpose(–(This(study(was(intended(to(examine(the(effect(of(teamwork(on(employee(performance( in(some(selected(private(banks(in(MogadishuHSomalia.(Therefore,(the(research(has(the(following( specific(objectives:(To(assess(the(effect(of(team(members’(trust,(cohesiveness,(spirit(or(“esprit(de( corps”,(and(knowledge(sharing(on(employee(performance(in(the(study’s(selected(private(banks(in( MogadishuHSomalia,(namely;(Dahabshiil,(Premier,(and(Amal(banks.( Design/methodology/approach(H(This(study(adopted(a(descriptive(research(design(to(describe(the( characteristics(and(behaviors(of(the(selected(target(population.(The(target(population(of(this(study( was( 500( respondents( with( a( sample( size( of( 222( employees( who( work( at( the( study’s( selected( private( banks.( The( research( data( was( collected( using( a( structured( survey( as( the( research( instrument( of( this( study.( To( assess( the( internal( consistency( of( the( research( data( reliability( and( validity(tests(were(conducted(via(SPSS((Statistical(Package(for(Social(Sciences).(Furthermore,(the( data( of( this( study( was( analyzed( utilizing( model( summary,( analysis( of( variance( (ANOVA),( coefficient(of(determination((R2)(and(regression(coefficients(to(determine(the(effect(of(teamwork(on( employee(performance(in(the(study’s(selected(private(banks(in(MogadishuHSomalia.( Findings( A( The( current( study( used( teamwork(measures( such( as( trust,( cohesiveness,( spirit,( and( knowledge( sharing( among( team( members( while( determining( the( effect( of( these( independent( variables(on(employee(performance.(Hence,(this(study(found(that(all(teamwork(measures(of(the( study(which( are;( trust,( cohesiveness,( spirit(or( “esprit(de( corps”,( and(knowledge( sharing( among( members( of( the( team( have( a( positive( and( significant( impact( on( employee( performance( of( the( study’s(selected(private(banks(in(MogadishuHSomalia.( Discussion( A( From( the( study( data( analysis,( interpretations,( and( findings,( the( researchers( drew( study( conclusions( proposing( that( the( private( banks( in( MogadishuHSomali( should( create( an( environment(that(assists(teamwork(to(enhance(trust,(cohesiveness,(spirit,(and(knowledge(sharing( among( their( teams( since( this,( in( turn,( will( increase( the( performance( of( their( employees( as( the( findings(of(this(study(indicate.((


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