Severe Hemorrhagic Diathesis in a Patient with Prostat Adenocarsinoma and Diagnostic Approach

Disseminated intravascular coagulation, acquired hemophilia, and hyperfibrinolysis induced by prostate adenocarcinoma were first considered in the differential diagnosis of a patient who had been diagnosed with prostate adenocarcinoma and complicated with hemorrhage. Clinical progression and lack of response to other treatments directed us toward the diagnosis of hyperfibri- nolysis and tranexamic acid therapy was initiated. Clinical and laboratory findings resulted in a partial improvement, but the response was insufficient. This situation was associated with metastasis and not initiating the treatment for the primary disease. This case was presented to emphasize the importance of treatment arrangement on the basis of differential diagnosis for hemor- rhagic diathesis occurring in the clinical course of prostate adenocarcinoma.


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Kaynak Göster