Basic Clinical and Multimodal Imaging Conference-BaCI 2023

KONGRE TARİHİ03 Eylül - 07 Eylül 2023

KONGRE ŞEHRİİstanbul, Türkiye



We are proud to hold another Basic Clinical and Multimodal Imaging (BaCI) conference in Istanbul.

There are several methodologies that have been used to explore the human mind; among these, neuroelectrophysiological techniques have shown great utility for clinicians as well as scientists. Among the questions being answered via those methods are therapy response prediction and diagnosis of pathologies, however there are still some shortcomings of methods like EEG/qEEG despite tremendous experience and data in hand. Multimodal approaches are in routine use in order to overcome the problems related to reproducibility, sensitivity, specificity and other statistical points. The next obvious frontier is the genetic basis of the electrophysiological markers, which will be very important to explore the state-trait dependent dichotomy. As such, we have focused this conference to shed light on the meeting point of the electrophysiology and genetics.

Afterall, we wish you all enjoy the beautiful city of Istanbul.

Warmth wishes.


Prof. Dr. Nevzat TARHAN
President of Üsküdar University & NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital

Prof. Dr. Kemal ARIKAN
Üsküdar University, Faculty of Medicine
ECNS President Elect and Secretary