3. International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Business and Economics-ICCIBE

KONGRE TARİHİ01 Ekim - 03 Ekim 2021

KONGRE ŞEHRİTokat, Türkiye

KONGRE WEB SİTESİwww.iccibe.org


The 3rd International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Business & Economics (ICCIBE) is one of the most reputable international business and economics events,organized by leading universities from Pakistan and Turkey. Appealing to outstanding researchers across the globe, the conference offers a friendly, supportive environment for feedback, exchange of ideas, and to find inspiration. The conference aims to create a forum for people from different academic backgrounds to interact and present their research. Moreover, the conference generates the possibility for the publication of research papers in indexed and organized journals. The conference will provide a platform for debate on issues and challenges of the aforementioned fields;hence, supporting discussions on strategies that will accelerate worldwide growth and economic recovery alongside evolution of technology and scientific research.