Enhanced Egg Weight, Egg Production and Shell Breaking Strength in Late Laying Period of Hens Fed a Diet Containing a Eubiotic Mixture

The effects of different levels of an eubiotic on laying performance, egg quality parameters, serum enzymes and antioxidant levels, and egg yolk fatty acid composition were examined in the present study. Six diets were formulated to contain 0, 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 mg/kg EFA. Each diet was randomly fed to a group of 24 hens for 10 weeks, housed in 6 separate cages (4 hens per cage). Average egg weight was remarkably increased as an effect of EFA dietary supplementation. In comparison to the control group (89.2%), significantly higher egg production rates of 93.7 and 96.7% were observed in the groups of hens fed diets supplemented with 800 and 1000 mg/kg EFA, respectively. An improvement of 5 to 11% in FCR of EFA supplemented groups was found. Concerning the other examined parameters, only shell breaking strength was increased by 30-36% in EFA supplemented groups at the level of 200, 800 and 1000 mg/kg, whereas no significant differences in egg yolk fatty acid composition, serum enzymes and antioxidant levels were observed among groups. In conclusion, an improved hen performance at late laying phase could be achieved as an effect of EFA dietary supplementation at the level of 1000 mg/kg.


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