Istanbul: A landscape in-between virtual and real

Istanbul as a landscape... We are experiencing the city through an imaginary forest. That landscape which in flux in-between virtual-real is reproduced in the personal memories again and again. This paper discusses Istanbul as a landscape. It offers to approach through mi- cro scale that discovery begins to understand that Istanbul is defined as a land- scape that consist of virtual-actual folds. It is mentioned in this paper that a new layer which has begun to exist on micro scale in Istanbul. A new micro-creation has started in the city state in Istanbul. A new interface, a virtual layer which actualizes place to place. This layer which extends in between the real- virtual, is a transition space where people can freely express themselves, can encounter and can create temporal spatiality on the city. ‘The new layer’ that has begun to exist in city on micro scale and in-between virtual- real is author’s own reality as a new view to notion of ‘palimpsest’, it’s a future projection. The expression of the text should be evaluated by taking into consideration this personal reality, the state of being in virtual-real. The streets of the mental city of person and the streets of the physical city start to intertwine. New layer covers on the city, penetrate of the city and correlate antagonistic rela- tions with physical, virtual and other layers, so it is open to discovery.


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