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Yıl 2010 , Cilt 3 , Sayı 10

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The concepts of war and peace within the content of social sciences course with pıctures

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Uludag Üniversitesi Egitim Fakültesi1
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In the world of globalization it has become very important to have students acquire the peace concept, and other concepts, skills, and values that are related to it to reach the contemporary human model, starting from the family, and in the content of social sciences course. The propose of the study is to evaluate the peace and war concepts, which are to be internalized by the students in the Social Sciences course, and to investigate these according to gender and section variables, and also to examine students’ pictures to see how students perceive these concepts. According to findings, usually, girls tend to organise their behaviours according to the behaviours of the opposite side. Additionally, when the answers of boys and girls were compared, it was observed that they were conformable since they tried to look for a solution. Boys, in a way, punish the opposite side passively and aggressively. Fourth grade students usually tend to punish the opposite side, and the problems are perceived as the problems of the opposite side. They tend to accuse the opposite side whenever a problem arises. Fifth grade students are usually sensible. They tend to be more rational, looking for solutions and embrace tolerance mutually. When the Primary education program of our country was investigated, when it is considered that nowadays primary education plays an important role in the education period of individuals, it is important that the education provided at that period of time should be sufficient to train children in a way that they will be fully equipped, knowing how to access information, able to solve problems and giving good decisions in this age of globalization. Today, in the contemporary educational systems, schools are institutions that encourage socialization, and aim at improving democratic and cooperative values.

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