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Yıl 2011 , Cilt 4 , Sayı 17

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Costly neglect: technology, industrialization and the crisis of development in nigeria

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Department of History and Strategic Studies, University of Lagos1
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Nigeria has struggled to promote development in all facets of life in the five decades of its independence. The efforts have generally yielded very modest success and the reality is that in the early 21st century Nigeria continues to face what some scholars have described as the "crisis of development". This article examines the contribution of the development of technology and industrialization to this development crisis. It discusses the pattern of the development of technology and industrialization in the country in the colonial period and the influence on industrial policy after independence. The nature and changes which took place in technological and industrial development in Nigeria since 1960 as well as the factors responsible for the low level of development are also explored. We contend that the low level of technological and industrial development constituted a serious blight to Nigeria's development efforts up to 2010. The article argues that contrary to some perspectives, specialization has its limits even in the contemporary milieu of intense globalization and industrialization is central to development of all countries. Nigeria's ability to articulate effective industrial policy and commitment to the policy to achieve economic transformation are therefore important to the country's development in the future.

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