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Yıl 2012 , Cilt 4 , Sayı 1

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Hidden curriculum contributing to social production-reproduction in a math classroom

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Adnan Menderes University1
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Many proponents of current Western societies tend to act as if social reproduction was not adequately managed by families and should be taken care of by schooling. Curriculum makers ask about ‚knowledge is for whom‛ by meaning hidden curriculum. If knowledge is for some people, curricula need to educate productive people in society. This ethnographic study aims to address that in what extent social reproduction is created as an academic knowledge via hidden curriculum in math class, and what teacher does to transmit the social reproduction to the academic learning situations in classroom. The effectiveness of teacher factor on creating a productive classroom environment and social production are the lower dimensions of the problem statement. The study was conducted in the natural classroom environment of fourth-grade math in an elementary school in a small town located in the mid-west region of USA. The results of the study prove that curricular and extracurricular activities are mostly circled by the imposition of a cultural arbitrary. Besides, an elementary math classroom allows the students to be shaped by the culture and the disappearing social patterns more than expected.

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