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Öz In the study, it is aimed to determine some nutrients, mineral substance and some heavy metal contents of Verbascum orientale L. All. which is naturally grown around the Van lake in the Eastern Anatolia Region. In plant samples, some nutrients and mineral contents such as total ash, nitrogen, crude protein, pH, crude fibre and, Na, Mg, K, Ca, P, S, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, Cr, Cd, Co and Pb have been investigated. As a result of the research; it has been determined as crude protein ratio 9.00%, pH 5.96, total nitrogen content 1.44 %, crude ash content 14.0% and crude crude fibre 48.56%. In addition, while some important mineral contents were determined as K 5.45 g/kg, Ca 5.80 g/kg, P 1.57 g/kg, Mn 22.74 mg/kg, Fe 225.05 mg/kg and Zn 29.81 mg/kg, heavy metal contents were observed as Cr 0.05 mg/kg, Cd 0.14 mg/kg, Co 1.54 mg/kg and Pb 0.04 mg/kg.

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Verbascum orientale L. All., eastern Anatolia, heavy metal
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