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Characterization of Origanum vulgare SUBSP. hirtum (LINK) Iestwaart Population and Determination of A Clones
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Öz Identification of the high yielding and the good quality clones of one population (B population) of  Origanum vulgare subsp. hirtum (Link) Iestwaart was one of the purposes in this study and furthermore some agronomic and quality characteristics of individual plants were examined during two years (2014-2015). Annual performances were determined according to the minimum and maximum values of the first, second and non-flowering harvests of the population. Also  for second year, minimum, maximum and mean values of the individual plants of the population were stated in the paper. The aim was to reveal if the high yield and quality characteristics of plants are based on the genotype. Individual plants of the B population, the mean plant height was found as 39 cm, canopy value as 30.5 cm, Fresh herb yield as 167.9 g/plant, Drog herb yield as 65.5 g/plant, Drog leaves yield as 32.2 g/plant and the mean rate of the essential oil as 4,01%. Considering the two years’ results of the B population, A clones were created in 2016  by selecting the high yielding and of good quality genotypes. On A clones, the plant height, fresh herb yield, Drog herb yield, essential oil rate and essential oil yield values were determined between  13-52.5 cm,  8-624 g/plot, 4-218.4 g/plot,  1.6-100.1 g/plot, 1.08-7.92  % and  0.03-5.74 L/parcel, respectively.

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Origanum vulgare subsp. hirtum, Population, Selection, Yield, Essential Oil, Compound
Acikgoz N, Ilker E, Gokcol A. 2004. Evaluation of biological research on the computer. E.U. TOTEM No:2.
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