Örgütlerin Gelişimi: Standart Üretimden, Yenilik, Buluş Dönemine

Öz On the move, both marketing power and deposited know-how sizes have proved to be the two main factors efficient to make the organizations to alter and modify their orientations. Through these two main factors, development process seems to have had three historic phases of evolution, the first being called the phase of standard production of products and services and having its characteristic hierarchically oriented structure; the second, costumer oriented production of products and services having its dual sub phases, the earlier matrix organizations the later network organizations; and the third having current forms of organizations with their stems from novelties and inventions. With this new organizational era any reason would call for into consideration the new cluster and virtual types of organization.The movements would be in some continuous seek and change, if they are to get adopted into new dispositions created by different environmental factors and to survive as they are in a constant seek and change behavior. The follower and adaptor ones but the resisting and ill-adopted ones could only survive.