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Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Yıl 2004 , Cilt 5 , Sayı 2

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Revisioning theoretical framework of electronic performance support systems (epss) within the software application examples

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Marmara University1
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An ideal educational or training system would be one in which every learner could be instructed by an expert tutor. This is the technique we actually use for some difficult, specialized skills, as in pilot training, the training of astronauts, musical performance, sports and athletics, and advanced studies of some kinds at the college level. In all of these cases, an instructor spends special time working with selected individual students. However, there are not enough instructors (or time and place) to go around for this kind of training when large numbers of learners (or different types of users / employees) are involved. Organizations today need more than empowered employees. Because of increasing team orientation, they need empowered employees who can work productively in teams. Also they need empowerment for (a) day-to day management, (b) maximizing organizational interactions, (c) managing performance, (d) managing chance and encouraging involvement, (e) handling difficult interactions, (f) interventions, and so on. Here is where Computer-Based Training and Management (CBT&M) can play a role. Likewise a types of CBT&M, Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) is one way to make advantages of private tutoring, performance support, management, guidance, practice and online collaborative communication available any time any place any organization to large or special groups of people trained or worked in specific topics or skills.

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