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Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Yıl 2009 , Cilt 10 , Sayı 2

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Online course support in distance learning: student evaluation of english language teaching bachelor of arts program

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Anadolu University1
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Hereby in this study; the opinions of the senior students, who took course support through web based asynchronous communication methods in the academic year 2007–2008 at the Open Education Faculty, English Language Teaching Bachelor of Arts Program (OEF ELT BA) at Anadolu University, about the general online courses are presented. According to the results of the study favorable and unfavorable aspects of online courses for OEF ELT BA students are defined and amendatory precautions are proposed. ELT BA began accepting student enrollments in 2000– 2001 academic years. Aforesaid program is a Bachelor of Arts Program which is identical to the program offered by English Language Teaching Departments of faculties providing formal (face to face) education. In this program web based asynchronous courses have been provided for junior and senior students since the academic year 2003–2004. Online courses are given by instructors from Faculty of Education ELT Department of Anadolu University. Data of the study were acquired from the questionnaires filled by 504 senior students enrolled in the academic year 2007–2008. These students were chosen among 1586 students who lived in Eskişehir during their study. The results show that 58,2% of students have computer and internet connection in their houses. Students generally attend online courses once or twice a week. Attendance to online courses increases during examination terms. Students, who don‘t believe in the contribution of online courses don‘t attend those courses.

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